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I have been super super super busy lately, with a promotion and a raise, so I have been neglecting my site :( thanks for all the great emails and suggestions, I still read every one :) I'm sorry it took so long, and most of the credit goes to morg for editing the database, since this sql stuff is new to me!!

2. I finally got a full time job, and we joined the local roller derby (RAWR!) so time is limited, but I hope to have it ready when Sentinel's Fate goes live! (This should be fun, with the revamp (Hooray Domino!!!) and the fact that my php is a teensy bit rusty, so be patient!)

3. For the love of all that is holy, don't send me tells asking me if I am going to 'pass the reigns' and freaking out cuz my site is down over the weekend! shit happens! The site is hosted on Morg's box at work for free. If the server poops itself on a Saturday, I am NOT going to ask him to head to work just to fix it!

THAT BEING SAID... If the site is still down on Monday evening (a raid night, btw, so i should be on), please feel free to shoot me a (sane) tell and ask if I am aware. I have a static connection to it, so even when the site is down, I can still see and use it, so I may not actually know! I think it was down for an entire week before we figured that out!

BTW: that was a great conversation. It went something like this:

Spilf: Your site's been down for a week.
Me: Noway
Spilf: Yep
Me: works fine for me. must be user error.
Spilf: its not loading
Me: that's cuz you suck. loads fine for me!
Spilf: it's broke :(
Morgenes: Oh, um, oops. he's right.

LOL. poor patient spiffles! <3

(Morg sends his apologies to all for that, btw, and an explanation:
"i had a static route setup from my machine at work ...blah blah... dsl at home ...blah blah... t1 circuit ...blah blah... office (more nerdstuff) firewall script ...blah blah... routes weren't activated")


1. I'M NOT A 'HE'.

2. I <3 Healers! I have all 6 at 80, and adore them all. The one drawback to having such class flexibility is that i might be a wee bit hard to locate :)

Mitzi, my inquisitor (hooray clickie myth!) is currently my main, until further notice :) (such is the plight of flexible healerlovers!) I am most likely to be on her if at all. My toons are all either in Vendetta on Najena, or my alt guild 'The Crew'. We are somewhere between casual & hardcore raiders, meaning we raid 3 nights a week, we kill 'end game content', but we don't do 'call lists'.

Valeena has been my main for around 2 years now. She is my warden & was my high level raider. She is still one of my favorites, and I still occasionally play her in raids, on a case by case basis.

Kangamitzi was my main from the time I first started playing in November of 2004, through the summer of 2007
(when I retired her), so quite a few people know me under that moniker, and even to this day I prefer to be referred to as 'Kanga'

I love crafting & have at least one of each tradeskill & secondary tradeskill class maxed to the top level.

1. I took this project on as a means to learn php & help my guildies with adornment information at the same time.
I was tired of sifting through lists & spreadsheets for adornment info, on top of not finding previous tier info for my alts.
I never anticipated its present popularity, though. I'm so glad so many people use it and love to hear from people about it.
It makes me giggle when I see someone link it in a channel in response to an adornment question.

2. I'm STILL working on this site. I read every email, but have limited time to sit down & correct my mistakes, so
bear with me and thank you for being patient. Please remember, this is my project, if you like it, great. if you dont, im sure there are others out there.

3. I moved the site address, for those of you that didnt notice. All previous addresses (including direct links to item pages) will be redirected here :)

Created with Notepad/Paint
UI: ProfitUI (clicky cures for the win!!!)
Special thanks to:
Morgenes: For all the wonderful php stuffins that i couldn't figure out, and the implementation of the sql database! i <3 my nerd! oh and and for hosting this mess! he rox, just dont tell him i said so!
My Vendetta guildies for all the great links!
DOMINO!!! for hooking me up in beta with the books i didnt have to get the links! yay!!!
Grimwell for inadvertently helping me launch the site by putting it on EQ2player 'treasure chest'. that was AWESOME!

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